Bitcoin Era Review


Making money in stock exchange trading is comparatively easy, but by no means without risk. Those who bet on the Dax at the beginning of the noughties have been able to make a good 500% profit to date. If dividends are added, the figure is as high as 700 %. In recent years, trading in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin has also become very popular. At the end of 2017, the share price was already over 15,000 euros.

Currently, the crypto currency is quoted at almost 7,000 euros. With Bitcoin Era investors can trade crypto currencies and earn money, regardless of whether the prices rise or fall. The offered trading algorithm, a software for automatic trading, makes it particularly easy for investors to profit from the price development.

The special thing: The Bitcoin as well as the other crypto currencies do not have to be bought laboriously and with high fees. These are so-called derivative trading positions, in which one practically speculates on the price of Bitcoin. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Era here in the Bitcoin Era review report.

Facts about Bitcoin Era:

  • Free demo account to practice
  • User-friendly trading platform with easy handling
  • Many different currency pairs
  • High yield opportunities
  • Low spreads
  • Fast payouts without fees
  • Easily accessible and competent customer service 

How to Register

Anyone wishing to invest in Bitcoin Era must enter their personal data including telephone number and e-mail address in the registration form on the start page. In addition, a user name and password must be set for logging in and the General Terms and Conditions must be accepted.

Investors decide whether they want to practice with the demo account before using real money or start trading for real money right away. The minimum deposit when opening an account is 250 euros. Deposits and withdrawals are possible with a credit card, but also with a bank transfer.

  • Entering personal data, e-mail address and telephone number and setting user name and password
  • Deposit of at least 250 euros as starting capital. The money is credited immediately to the trading account.
  • Start trading or use the demo account first.

High profits – but there are also risks

Trading Bitcoin and other crypto currencies involves risks. The prices can fluctuate strongly in a short time. This is also due to the fact that speculators and major investors also repeatedly invest in the market or take their profits. Nobody, not even the best stock market professionals, always make profits. The point is to gain more in the long term than to lose. But the high volatility also offers opportunities. With Bitcoin Era, investors can make profits even when prices fall.

Pros & Cons

Bitcoin Era work like a charm! Below are the things that makes Bitcoin Era different from the rest. We also discovered few downside of this cryptocurrency trading platform:


  • Simple process of signing up and verification process
  • Personalized trade specifications and settings
  • Smooth navigation through user-friendly design
  • There is no hidden fees or charges
  • Zero Broken Commissions


  • There is no mobile app for Bitcoin Era
  • Limited Information about the team who developed the software
  • Few vague data on their website
  • You cannot trade all cryptocurrencies as it is limited to just few cryptos


The trading algorithm used by Bitcoin Era work continuously analyzes the market and identifies entry and exit signals for which positions are automatically opened and closed.

The program also knows no emotions such as greed or fear, but soberly and solidly analyzes all the facts to find the best entry and exit points for trading the crypto currencies.

If you decide to trade yourself rather than using Bitcoin Era’s software, you should always use a stop loss as an order supplement to secure your position.

Favorable opportunities now!

As already mentioned at the beginning, the exchange rate of Bitcoin, but also of other cryptocurrencies is currently very favorable. Therefore the opportunity to enter the market and earn good money arises exactly now. Who looks at the chart of the Bitcoin for the past years will notice that the course moved already several times over the 10,000 mark.

The current price level is due to the fact that many investors, including large hedge funds, have taken the opportunity to take profits. However, that is not a problem. The favourable entry price, in turn, creates a lot of demand, which in turn drives the price up again in a short period of time.

Critical voices claim that Bitcoin could go downhill and advise investors not to invest in the crypto currency. However, this is complete nonsense.

But no matter, at Bitcoin Era it is not so important whether the price rises or falls, is earned in both directions. How does that work? When prices on the stock markets fall, a put position is simply closed.

The special feature: the further the price falls, the higher the profit. The trading algorithm used by Bitcoin Era analyses all prices 24 hours a day and automatically identifies entry signals. Selling occurs whenever the trend turns again, and then the exact opposite position is taken, just like the professionals on Wall Street do.

Realistic Goals

Only very few investors get rich quickly. This should not necessarily be the first goal when trading. Rather, it is more a matter of trading successfully in the long term. The statements on the Bitcoin Era website are therefore to be understood more from a marketing perspective. Of course, there are some traders who earn a few thousand euros a day, but that’s not something newcomers to the stock market should expect.

The goals pursued with Bitcoin and Forex trading should above all also fit the budget of the investor. It is also something different whether someone can or wants to invest 10,000 or only 250 euros. 10 % profit of 10,000 Euro is 1,000 Euro and 10 % of 2500 is only 25 Euro. Investors should also not be guided by emotions such as fear or greed. This usually does not lead to success.

Money Management

In principle, investors should not put all their eggs in one basket. Investors should definitely look into the basics of risk and money management. Experts recommend, for example, that investors should never invest more than 2% of their capital in a trade that should always be well prepared and well thought out.

It would then have to happen 50 wrong trades in a row to bring the capital to zero. But that is absolutely unrealistic. Anyone who also consistently uses a stop loss to hedge trading positions can also greatly limit his risk of loss.

Furthermore, it is advisable to record all trades exactly. This success best in an Excel list, so that errors can be recognized much better afterwards and the personal strategy can be further optimized.

A typical beginner’s mistake, for example, is to set the stop loss too close to the purchase price. Some people are stopped out early, although the trade might have resulted in a big profit a few minutes later. With a trading diary such mistakes can be quickly detected and eliminated.

Bitcoin Era Review

Of course, no one is given money at Bitcoin Era either. Bitcoin offers a service and earns money through the commissions (spreads) in Bitcoin trading. The spreads are within the average range compared to the competition.

The trading platform offers real-time quotes and sufficient choice of currency pairs for trading crypto and FIAT currencies. Indicators and tools for evaluating the charts are also offered.

For deposits and withdrawals, investors can choose from a wide range of payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers. Deposits are credited to the account immediately. Withdrawals usually take no longer than 48 hours.

Before the first withdrawal, however, investors must send or upload a copy of their identity card. Verification is required by law.

Bitcoin Era customer service is available 24 hours a day via live chat or by phone. Customers report that their questions have been seriously answered. Overall, I have found no evidence that Bitcoin Era could be fraudulent.

Behind Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era work is backed by an experienced team of developers consisting of programmers and financial experts who have been involved in trading Bitcoin and other crypto currencies from the beginning. They have bundled their experience and expertise and brought it into Bitcoin Era, a heart project.

Of course the makers of Bitcoin Era are not Samaritans who have money to give away. They make money on every single trade, just like banks and investment companies do. Although the trading algorithm provided by Bitcoin Era is unique, the investment bankers on Wall Street, in London, Tokyo or even in Frankfurt also work with computer-aided trading systems today.

It is about being faster than the market and thus securing advantages. This is exactly the goal of Bitcoin Era. Anyone who registers with Bitcoin Era should therefore definitely use the trading algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading. The chances of success are thus much higher than if you make your own trading decisions.

Is Bitcoin Era serious?

Anyone who speculates on the stock exchange, and this is especially true for trading crypto currencies, must be sure that he has a solid and serious online broker at his side. The fees must not be too high, there must be a sufficient selection of tradable assets and the trading platform must not be too complicated.

This is the case, as customers and we, too, assess Bitcoin Era. In addition, deposits and withdrawals must work and customer service should be good and, if possible, available in German. Again, we have found no evidence of Bitcoin Era fraud or the like.


Bitcoin Era offers its investors the opportunity to successfully participate in trading Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies, as well as traditional currency pairs. With Bitcoin Era’s program, a trading algorithm for automatic trading, investors can comfortably sit back and profit from price developments, regardless of whether the price is rising or falling.

Those who prefer to take their luck into their own hands can also take trading positions themselves. The trading platform at Bitcoin Era is clearly structured and easy to use. However, it should not be forgotten that Bitcoin trading also involves risks and investors are required to follow the basic rules of money and risk management.

Opening an account with Bitcoin Era is very easy and takes just a few steps. Investments are possible from a relatively small amount of 250 euros. Payments can be made by credit card and bank transfer. Withdrawals are processed within 48 hours.

The fees at Bitcoin Era (spreads) are quite competitive. Customer service is easily accessible and, according to customer experience, competent. Overall, we can draw a satisfactory conclusion about the provider.

Risk note

Large profits are possible in the Bitcoin trade. Just now investors have the best entry opportunities again. But there are also risks. Investors should therefore never trade without hedging, for example with a stop loss, and take the basic rules of risk and money management into account. Only the money that is not needed for immediate living should be used. Investors should be aware that losses can also occur.

In addition, the entire available capital should never be used. The 2 % rule, according to which only 2 % of the capital is used in a trade, has proven itself. It is also important that investors set themselves realistic goals that match the available capital. Using Bitcoin Era’s software with the algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading, investors can achieve better returns on average.

Risk Disclaimer: Trading involves the risk of losing the invested capital. Invest only what you are willing to lose. between 67% and 85% of retail clients lose money by trading CFDs.

REGULATION & HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose some or all of your invested capital, therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Please click here to read a full risk warning. Bitcoin Era is a technology, marketing and advertising service. Bitcoin Era does not gain or lose profits based on your trading results and operates as a technology, marketing and advertising service. Bitcoin Era is not a financial services firm and does not operate as a financial services firm and is only used as a marketing tool by third party advertisers and brokers to attract customers. Its your obligation to check and decide weather the broker you were connected to applies to all local rules and regulations and is regulated in your country jurisdiction and is allowed to receive customers from your location your are in, before you fund your account with the broker and start trading with it. please report Bitcoin Era (by clicking report abuse) if you find that the broker assigned to you is not regulated in your jurisdiction so we can cancel your account with Bitcoin Era.

We are required to tell potential investors that our software’s past performance does not necessarily predict future results,therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose.

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